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Shacar is a 24-year old Brooklyn based musician. At a young age, the Florida native discovered his passion for the performing arts. As soon as he graduated from high school, he moved to New York to attend Pace University, where he majored in musical theatre.

From being homeless to not being able to finish his schooling, Shacar decided to use his talents to survive in the big city. Focusing on his music and modeling career, he has become a recognizable face and voice. As an influencer working with brand marketing campaigns he is big on making social change.He now focuses on his music and modeling career, where he’s become a recognizable voice, face & influencer working with brand marketing campaigns, he is big on making social change. 

Shacar’s innovative and refreshing sound is set to take on a league of its own with the upcoming release of his EP, Beautiful Pain. Shacar takes us on a journey about self-discovery, overcoming addictions, and learning to love. The 8 track EP will be released in two volumes, giving you a wide range of musical styles with each track uniquely different from the other.

Shacar is truly a talent to keep your eye on. He has performed at notable events and festivals such as South by Southwest, New Skool Rules Music Conference, the Harlem Arts Festival, Afropunk and Battle of the Bands, to name a few. He was also the face of President Obama’s “My Brothers Keeper Alliance” and has modeled for Roberto Cavalli, Artistix Fashion and several other fashion shows.

IG: @iamshacar

Styles: Hip hop, Rap and R&B

Available for:

Live performances



Voice overs

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