An industry that capitalizes off of Black culture has failed the Black community. The fashion world is known for not welcoming ethnic creatives through its doors or giving them opportunities to grow. I think I can speak on behalf of the Black community that we are ‘MF TIRED’ of being the token hire, undervalued and incapable of seeing ourselves in executive roles!


All of a sudden not diversified PR and Communications agencies are showing ‘inclusion’ by posting a few “Black Lives Matter” posts on Instagram—it doesn’t work that way, sorry not sorry. Attention to all big brand names and companies, we want solidarity in hiring, promotions, and published content—not just a black IG pic with an empty #BlackoutTuesday hashtag. These industries are known to be majority white and it’s time to end this systemic racism.


It doesn’t stop there, Blacks in the entertainment industry have faced the same struggles. Multiple well-known actors and actresses have come out expressing their racist encounters in the industry. One example is Adrienne Coleman, who played Taylor in the hit Disney Channel movie High School Musical. She pointed out that her character always wore headbands and wigs due to the makeup crew’s lack of knowledge on how to style ethnic hair.


It’s time to bring change and continue to push the envelope, even with Biden|Harris currently in the White House. We still need to make sure we focus our energy on our Black Power movements, such as Black Lives Matter, etc. We have been quiet long enough; we must keep raising our voices to these injustices no matter how uncomfortable we make others feel!

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