Can 1 drop of black blood cancel out all others?

The one-drop rule is a legal principle of racial classification that had been used to declassify and deny all with any trace of African descent to the lowest caste in society.

Hypodescent is defined as the automatic assignment of children of a mixed union to the subordinate group.

Maybe you feel pride hearing that 1 do of black blood makes you black over anything. Even if it negates the heritage of 1 of your parents’ Ethnicity. Some may feel this to be a badge of honor or a testament to their superior gene.

Fact is, the “1 drop rule” has always been a tool of oppression and racism. Ascribing this rule to yourself or your children only perpetuate and strengthen the chains of psychological slavery.

The 1 drop rule dates back to a 1662 Virginian law as a basis for treatment of mixed race individuals. In 1911 Arkansas passed Act 320  Bill 79 (1 drop rule). As recent as 1980s this law was upheld by Louisiana courts where a woman with a black great great great great grandmother could not identify as white on passport or change race on her birth certificate.

Although, there have been some repeals to the law, Hypodescent remains a relatively powerful force within our society. As previously stated, even black people uphold and attest to this rule of law for lack of better knowledge.

In American hierarchy the highest status goes to the white followed by Asians with Latinos and Black’s at the bottom.

This leaves room in the middle for Hyperdescent which is essentially the practice of classifying a child of mixed race ancestry to the more socially dominant parents’ race.

With hyperdescent being the opposite of hypodescent you would think it would produce different results. No, they both stimulate segregation and racism. This is clearly seen by the addition of boxes that allow you to be a white Latino or non white Latino. This had nothing to do with blood. It’s all about whether you look the part or not.

This would be virtually impossible to implement with the African American population being that, in all reality there is simmering generically superior about the African gene. You just can’t suppress the characteristics and physical differences that will come of that union. Who can honestly claim to be African or non African black?

So here we see that the “1 drop rule” is applied exclusively to people of African descent to either Hyperdescent to to the bottom for having that 1 drop, or Hypodescent you to the upper class if your lucky enough to be able to deny that you have it.

This “1 drop” rule began as only a precursor to criminalizing mixed unions and wrestling land away from black hands. Promoting this hypo or hyperdescent in society only reflects the virtues and morals of society and stokes the fires of hatred, self or otherwise.

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