Undocumented immigrants in New York City, the Trump administration is enforcing a rule that would ban housing assistance. A new proposal from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would make two regulations affecting 11,000 New Yorkers with mixed immigration status.

The proposal was on May 10, but it draws closer to its July 9 due date.

According to Fox News, HUD Secretary Ben Carson said “, we have millions of legal Americans in line waiting for these very scarce resources.”

Changes To The Rule

Section 214 prohibits HUD from making financial assistance available to undocumented immigrants. A new rule would require verification of immigrants who are covered for housing assistance.

“HUD’s proposal is yet another example of the Trump administration’s relentless attacks on immigrants,” Immigration Equality Public Affairs Manager Spencer Tilger told Nu Origins. “Access to affordable housing and other social services are key for supporting immigrants.”

The proposal would make prorated assistance pending upon the verification process. Under the current regulation, mixed-status immigrants households can receive a prorated assistance.

“It can’t work,” Carson said via Fox News. “When we have perverse incentives drawing people here.”

The proposal also specifies individuals who are ineligible immigration status may not serve as the leaseholder. It doesn’t matter if that person is part of a mixed-status family receiving assistance based on the percentage of eligible status members.

“This proposal would cruelly and needlessly punish mixed-status families,” Tilger said.

New York City’s Response

As of July 2, the New York City Housing Authority is encouraging people to comment on HUD’s proposal.


Councilwoman Diana Ayala (D-East Harlem) hasn’t written a public statement, but her Twitter page she expresses this proposal is “racist” and “unnecessary.”

Ayala’s district covers several Black and Hispanic communities ranging from Midtown New York to Southside Bronx.

Housing Already Sucks For Immigrants

The quality of NYCHA Developments has been known to be lesser than sufficient. Among the 326 developments across the five boroughs, there are various problems in New York City’s affordable housing.

Lead paint, broken boilers, unpleasant air, rodents, poorly lit hallways, and stairwells, crime, and high poverty are already plaguing disenfranchised New Yorker, especially immigrants.

The problems with NYCHA are so extreme, it’s will cost the city millions to repair these damages.

Newly-appointed NYCHA chairman Gregory Russ said to be making $400,000 annually, which is considered as much as sitting president makes.

In a tweet by Lynne Patton, a close friend of Trump and head of HUD’s Region II which covers New York and New Jersey, said she wants to investigate where are the millions of dollars in funding going towards.

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