Broward County prosecutors in Florida  announced Tuesday charges were dropped against Black teen Delucca Rolle who was assaulted by a sheriff’s deputy.

Rolle was arrested Thursday and charged with assaulting an officer and obstruction without violence. During the confrontation, Broward Deputy Christopher Krickovich pepper sprayed Lucca, tackled him to the ground and slammed his head onto the pavement. Sgt. Greg LaCerra also took part in the arrest of the unarmed Black teen. The 15-year-old was left bloodied in the incident which was captured on video and went viral on social media.


“The Broward State Attorney’s Office has made the decision that we will not file any charges against the 15-year-old juvenile who was arrested on Thursday in Tamarac,” according to a statement.

The Miami Herald also reported that the two officers who arrested Rolle have been suspended pending an investigation into their conduct which drew nationwide attention and scorn. Lebron James, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr shared their outage.

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Rolle’s family obtained the services of famed civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump. He called the actions of the police officers “unconscionable” and said they had trampled on the the civil rights of a young, unarmed black male.

“Starting now,” Crump said in a news release on his Instagram account, “we will seek justice through every avenue possible for Lucca and his family.”

Crump also maintained to South Florida Sun Sentinal that the charges against Rolle were trumped. He said they “were to justify outrageous brutality on an unarmed black child. If it wasn’t for the video he would have been convicted on these lies. Delucca Rolle would have been convicted.”

Rolle was treated for burning eyes and his mother stated that he also suffered  a broken nose. He has also been complaining of headaches. She was not sure if justice would ultimately be served for her son but wanted the officers fired.

“They are supposed to set example for us, they aren’t supposed to be doing that,” she told CBS News. “You know, to see somebody who is supposed to be protecting my child hurt my child, and it’s all I want is justice for him.


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