It’s been 10 days since the coronavirus has arrived on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Currently, Jamaica is doing its best to contain and minimize the affects of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced yesterday evening that another confirmed case of the coronavirus has brought the total number of confirmed cases to 16. PM Holness stated that there are currently 39 people quarantined across the island in either government facilities or in-home quarantine.

On March 16, Jamaica reported its first death from the coronavirus. A 79-year-old man from Clarendon passed away  after recently traveling from New York in the U.S.

It should be noted that this man suffered from diabetes and hypertension. People with compromised immune systems, especially the elderly are more susceptible to the coronavirus.

In addition, People’s National Party’s Minister of Health, Dr. Maurice Guy, has called for modifying the protocol for the coronavirus.

“We are now, more convinced by the scientific data, that the coronavirus can be spread by persons who show no symptoms, and it is on this premise that we strongly recommend the protocols are modified,” Guy stated.

Currently, the Jamaican government is only testing people who show symptoms of infection but Guy and others recommended that all people that have been in contact or in proximity of the coronavirus be quarantined. The coronavirus has been shaking the foundations of the economy across the world, especially in Jamaica.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has admitted that the entire tourism industry in Jamaica is facing imminent closure because
of the travel restrictions, social distancing and quarantine protocols. Large and small hotels have announced closing their businesses and are laying off  dozens of workers.

Tourism Minister  Bartlett  interviewed with Caribbean Business Report and explained that the closures of tourist attractions will be short-lived. He is hoping that the tourism industry will pick back up again as soon as possible.

In other news, Jamaican Dancehall artist Elephant Man is in hot water
related to the Coronavirus.  Elephant man recently came off of a European Tour and failed to report all the countries he visited.

The protocol for returning to the island is for people to report all of the countries they have visited. However Elephant Man only reported one country, the last country he visited.

When the word got out, the internet had a field day. Many people believe that Elephant Man was irresponsible for not reporting every country that he visited in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic,
especially when a country like Italy has over 41,000 cases.

Thankfully, Elephant man took a step back and realized he was in the wrong and made a public apology social media. He said what happened was a misunderstanding at the airport, contacted local authorities, corrected the misinformation and has self quarantined at home.

The government in Jamaica is being praised by The World Health Organization and U.S. diplomatic officials for their proactive handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep it up Jamaica, prevention is better than cure!

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