As the world waits for governments to approve a cure and vaccine for the novel coronavirus that has swept the globe, some health professionals are already sharing promising remedies that can help boost immunity to combat the disease. 

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is one of them. Kokayi is a holistic primary care physician who received his Medical Doctorate from Yale School of Medicine. The doctor who is  certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with extensive homeopathic training recently shared some vital immunity boosting things that may help in the fight against the coronavirus.

During a recent webinar, Kokayi shared some of these supplements. Check it out below:

Japanese Knotweed

This plant contains a chemical compound called emodin which Science Direct research states “may form a basis for drug development against coronavirus infections.”

Chinese Skullcap

When it comes to respiratory and inflammatory issues, Science Direct studies say this herb might be a chemical inhibitor in SARS-CoV. 


This herb used for things like treating hay fever, diabetes and kidney disease has Antiinflammatory and immunoregulatory effects, according to the Chinese Medical Journal.


ACS Publications reveals that this root, “was shown to inhibit SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) replication in vitro.”  


Elderberry or Sambucus has antiviral properties which, “inhibits the early stages of an infection by blocking key viral proteins responsible for both the viral attachment and entry into the host cells,” Science Daily reveals.


There may be possible positive links to the coronavirus and Melatonin according to Science Direct which states that this hormone, “The possible beneficial effects of melatonin as adjuvant use in COVID-19 in anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, immune response regulation has been repeatedly demonstrated in respiratory disorder models induced by infections and associated complications.


 This plant can reportedly inhibit “ all three classes of fusion proteins including HIV, Ebola virus (EBOV), influenza A virus (IAV) and Epstein Barr virus,” according to reports.

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