As of April 14 2020, the coronavirus has infected approximately 2 million people globally; thankfully 500,000 people have recovered yet 120,000 people have died from this deadly disease.

People have awakened to a world where masks, gloves and disinfectant are necessities of life. Governments,  businesses, and schools have shut down and social distancing is in effect.

Current members of The UNIA-ACL NY Division have come together to launch the Black Stimulus Package which provides relief and aid to the Black community affected by this coronavirus in New York City.

The Black Stimulus Package consist of 3 programs:

BPS Crowdfunding Program (BPS-CP):

The UNIA will  provide micro-grants to New Yorkers of African-descent who are adversely affected by the coronavirus. You can apply for financial assistance by clicking HERE or apply directly using the Relief Form below.

BPS Investment Fund (BPS-IF):

This program will provide profitable real estate and other business investment opportunities to prominent Blacks who aim to work together to empower the community.

BSP Micro-Banking System (BSP-MBS):

The UNIA is organizing to create a micro-banking system that will provide affordable loans to Black business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

“History… is a compass we use to find ourselves on the map of human geography. It tells us where we are but, more importantly, what we must be.” John Hendrick Clarke

History reveals to us that this isn’t the first time humanity has been globally tested for survival. Over 100 years ago, in 1918, the world faced the wrath of the Spanish Flu Virus.

The Spanish Flu infected over 500 million people worldwide, and killed at least 50 million people with about 675,000 deaths occurring in the United States. According to, “Citizens were ordered to wear masks, schools, theaters and businesses were shuttered and bodies piled up in makeshift morgues before the virus ended…”

The compass of history shows us that we are stronger than what we believe. Our grandparents and ancestors were able to survive similar but deadlier circumstances a hundred years ago without advanced technologies like smart phones, ventilators and the internet.

Many of our Nubian (black) ancestors were able to survive tough times due to a strong bond of unity, a deep thirst for knowledge and a passion to help their fellow brothers and sisters.

In the ’20s, the great man who fought to unify and uplift the Black community worldwide was the honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

According to, “Many whites feared that African Americans would return [from WWI] demanding equality… As the [black] troops returned, there was an increase of racial tension. During the summer and fall of 1919, anti-black race riots erupted in 26 cities across America. The lynching of blacks also increased from 58 in 1918 to 77 in 1919. At least 10 of those victims were war veterans, and some were lynched while in uniform.”

Garvey established the UNIA in the United States in 1920, unifying over 4 million members and 996 UNIA chapters worldwide at its peak in 1924.

Four million African people didn’t just join the UNIA because Marcus Garvey was a phenomenal speaker and writer. Four million black people joined the UNIA because Marcus Garvey was about unity and action.

In the 1920s, UNIA divisions such as The Black Cross Nurses helped fight the infamous Spanish Flu by providing the community with food, shelter, resources, and set up clinics.

The UNIA established multiple businesses such as grocery stores, laundromats, restaurants, a printing press, a steam ship company, and more to uplift Africans around the world.

Today we are excited to let the Black community know that the UNIA  has been resurrected to uplift the global African community. Currently in 2020, Black Cross Nurses (BCN) in Buffalo, NY are responding to the coronavirus crisis. The BCN has been armed with “Clean Kits,” hygiene pamphlets, soaps and hand sanitizers to help the community cope with the COVID19.

The Black Cross is once again on the front lines fighting for our community and so is the NY Division of the UNIA.

Take advantage of every opportunity; where there is none, make it for yourself.” Honorable Marcus Garvey

If you’re of African descent and looking for help or to build with others in a powerful, positive and productive manner, apply to our Black Stimulus Package today!


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