4 years ago, a group of 5 girls started up Curly Girl collective, a marketing group that has become a staple in today’s natural hair movement and celebrates black women, giving them the representation that is over due and well deserved.

Each year, Curly Girl Collective makes their presence known through Curlfest which takes place in Brooklyn, NY at Prospect Park. The festival is as if Woodstock and Afropunk had a baby, with just a little more #blackgirlmagic sprinkled on top.

Thousands of people show up to the hit fest each year with twists, braids, kinky coils, locs and any beautiful natural hair style you can imagine to celebrate beauty of  natural hair.

Even the rain couldn’t stop the kinky girls from showing out in their best hairstyles. Everyone is family. If sis looks great, compliment her and there will be an immediate conversation about details of the look.

Writer/activist Michaela Angela Davis, who attended this year’s event, nicknamed the festival “black girl heaven.”

“There has been a void in our voice…and together we’re saying we are here, we are enough,” Curlfest co-founder, Gia Lowe said.

Davis, who has been following the organization for a few years, made a statement to PIX11 News that the organization “really exemplifies what sisterhood can do.”

Among the performers were students from the Brooklyn United Music and Arts program. Ty Brown, the director for the organization, brought more than a dozen of his students to perform, including a marching band and dancers.

“This event shows how amazing we are as a people,” Brown said.

Andre Easton, who attended the festival with his wife and son, began attending the festival since its inception. He credits the festival’s positive energy for the consistent growth and plans to continue coming.

“It’s important for my son to be surrounded by Black women in a natural setting… loving themselves and embracing fellowship,” Easton said.

Davis, former editor at ESSENCE and VIBE Magazine, shared some advice for any woman of color hesitating about embracing their natural hair in a corporate setting.

“Understand the culture and have a strategy for your career…You don’t have to change people’s hearts and minds in your first job,” Davis said.

Attendees shared crazy hair stories, products to try, failed hairstyle attempts, and contacts for their favorite hairstylists. There was body paint, live painting of Black Art, people selling natural beauty products, and Ankara clothing booths. Vendors gave away endless amounts of products that’ll keep all the naturalistas set for days. Even the younger curly girls came out with smiles and the cutest ‘fros

Another moment to always look forward to is seeing your favorite vlogger or influencer living their best life with their subscribers. Some of Instagram’s favorite girls, like Micaéla Verrelien,  Thenotoriouskia, Dayelasoul, and Beautymarked_illy, all came out for CurlFest fun!

If you have never been to CurlFest be sure to put it on your calendar for 2019. The celebration of black beauty of all styles, will definitely be one of the highlights of your summer.

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