Singer, songwriter and model Demi Grace is a triple threat. When she’s not hanging with Queen B (yes that Queen B(eyonce)) she’s working the runways and campaigns around the world. Born to Nigerian parents in London, England that later moved the United States, Demi has been dedicated to unifying the nations of her generation and empowering young women. She conquers barriers of racial expectations in her music and performance by including high energy female dancers and an overall racially diverse band. We caught up with the working model between releasing her new single “Why Would You Lie” (which you can find on itunes by the way) and photoshoots to talk music, fashion and why Usher is still sexy (to her).

1.) First things first Demi: what did you think of Beyonce’s Coachella perform, and were you just as awestruck with its dopeness as we were. (Be careful how you answer, you have performed with the Queen before).

I actually loved it! My favorite part was the step team breakdown. “Suck” “On” “My” and you know the rest! Beyonce is brilliant and keeps finding new ways to connect with generations.

2.) You’re not only a singer but also a working model. Do you prefer one over the other, or is there one you would like to focus more on?

I prefer music.

3.) Nowadays with the success of Chance The Rapper and the whole “no record label needed” movement happening, is it important for you to be supported by a big record company? And where do you see the future of the music industry going?

I’m actually not opposed to signing with a big record company. If you do enough research and study law, it doesn’t matter whether you’re with a large label or independent, you will do just fine.

4.) You represent your African heritage to the fullest in your style, beauty, and brand (and we’re loving it by the way). How do you express this through your music? Would you say Afrobeat is the foundation of your sound?

Thank you. 🙂

Afrobeat definitely makes my heart and body sing for sure. But, so does reggae and dancehall music. Dance music also does the same, I will continue to fuse music that moves me for this very reason.

5.) True or False: Usher is still sexy.

True. Don’t judge me.

6.) You seem to draw from a range of soulful singers as well as Hip-Hop Divas from the past and present. If you could choose one singer (and only one) to collaborate with, past or present, who would it be, and what would the song be like?

Choosing one is so hard! I still say Missy Elliot, her musical range is amazing. I think I could help her tap into some afrobeat.

Digo R.

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