Chris Rock shared with his 5.2 million followers on Twitter that he has COVID19 and urged people to take it seriously and get vaccinated. Chris Rock is one of an increasing number of vaccinated people experiencing breakthrough cases, in part because of the uncontrolled spread of COVID 19 amongst the unvaccinated population in America.

The 56-year-old comedian wrote on Twitter: “Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated.”

Chris Rock advocating for vaccination comes as the death toll from Covid 19 in America continues its inexorable rise and is now above 676,000 outstripping the 675,000 people who died during the 1918 flu pandemic over a century ago. 

Over 100 years since the 1918 Spanish flu it appears America has learnt very little about containing pandemics. Chris Rock is using his platform to urge vaccination to both protect from COVID 19 and reduce the severity of the illness, whilst the average American is busy playing political football with a global pandemic.

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