By Khem Aunghk Annu



there is a Queen

to be seen,

a beauty amidst the unreal

with natural features unaltered

and unconcealed,

she’s not just a thing to sleep with,

a piece of cooked beef for a man’s relief,

far more superior than tight flesh exposed

 in a pair of torn jeans,

is this Queen of sublime



She doesn’t have to

play the part of the mischievous tart,

swinging their hips from side to side

in the hope to make men grovel and bark,

she’s a woman with her own unique act,

with a swing that moves and grooves

with the currents of nature,

water, wind, heat and steam


She resembles the surface

of her earth, never too far from her guardian

night shadow, and within the sunlight, she is the

flower that brings colour in between the pale

and the ugly, the party and the orgy,

she is the onlooker

preserving her dignity


Yes, she is

the abomination of the west,

just because she doesn’t believe in skimmed

milk and all those insidous elements

that brings death,


she is the first woman of our kind to transcend

the slavery test, and is what we Nubian

men should honour, for she is our first and

only love, our true reflection towards the

final Quest


©  1989 Khem Aunghk Annu

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