Let it shut down

Let it erode itself

Let it shut down

Let them in

Let the melting pot brew

Let’s confess no matter what the ethnicity

People cause other people pain

Let’s admit immigration is the best thing

That has ever happened to the country

We as people sure do know how to

Mistreat and abuse one another

It’s so natural

So recordable

It’s become so tangible

Worldstarhiphop material

This is where the problem lies

So let it shutdown

No such thing as democrats

No such thing as republican

Let it go

There is no such thing as the ideal “American Dream”

It went out the window as immigrants truly started living their dreams

There always seems to be a perceived winner and loser

When you truly control the game

We all want to be a part of the conversation

We all want some type of attention

We hear shut down and look where the attention has shifted to

The government is open

The government is closed

The word government lets me know how distantly associated with authority we truly are

Let it shutdown

Let it go

Watch as it goes nowhere



We’ve fell for the feeling once again

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