As we thrive and grow, progress and innovate as a people and culture, one thing that we must never be forgotten is our history.  In a time where self-preservation is critical, photographer Yannis Davy Guibinga tales us back to a time where multiple Gods and deities were worshipped and revered.

Through his “Ode to Oya” series, we see photos where Yoruban goddess, Oya, the goddess of winds and tempests, is celebrated during a time wherein traditional cultures, it seems to have been forgotten but “their power transcends time and space.”

Through this photo series, in addition to his photography, Yannis intends to highlight the diversity in African identities and culture as well as a reminder to remember our history and to “celebrate a vibrant culture that many people in the diaspora have forgotten.”


Check out more of Yannis’ photos @yannisdavy and his official website.

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