“You got to be a Rebel
Read a Psalms a Day to Chase Away The Devil
Keep Your Heart Clean so Your Days Can Be Better
You Got To Be a Go-Getter
If You Really Wanna Take It To Another Level

Fresh & Clean, Fresh & Clean!”

Jaz Elise just remixed her second single “Fresh & Clean” with the Dancehall Hit Maker Govana!

Jaz Elise is a Jamaican Artist new to the music scene but quickly gaining popularity and respect.

Her songs will make your head and make your body groove with out you knowing.

Jaz Elise chooses fresh beats to make you dance, but uses lyrics to inspire positivity. Personally I think her formula is a lot like Koffee, in regards to fats beats, melody, and conscious lyrics, but her style is totally different. Koffee has more of a chill laid back style, which is cool. But Jaz Elise’s funky style, beautiful melanin, and purple hair just gives a sistah “Free Spirit Vibes”.

“The song is about working towards your dreams and allowing yourself to be free, unapologetic, and grateful. Go to your full potential and be your happiest self,” Elise said about the track before going to explain the story behind the accompanying visuals. “The video was just the perfect visual to show people in their element. It tells a beautiful story of a little boy who has a dream to learn how to ride a bicycle; he was in a situation where it didn’t seem possible & he found a way to just make it happen.”- Jaz Elise

Jaz Elise unconsciously spreads confidence to young girls by showing them they can be beautiful, sexy, and hip without showing off too much skin. She has the positivity in her music that’s enjoyable for your crew but safe for your grandmother or kids to groove too.

Govana blessed this track with a little more dancehall lyrical finesse. Jaz Elise does her thing and make you want to hop in the shower and blast “Fresh & Clean” while your getting ready to hit the club.

Even more amazing, on Sunday October 18, Jaz Elise signed her First Record Deal with In.Digg.Nation on Six Course and RCA Records.

Jaz Elise Remix of “Fresh & Clean” definitely deserves more than a million hits!

Check out Fresh & Clean Below and show her some love on Youtube!

Get to know Jaz Elise More by Checking out her




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