We rarely ever hear about black entrepreneurs in the health tech space or any other STEM-related fields. Members of the black community are usually on the patient side of the health industry, but a group of experts in the pharmaceutical sales field has launched a new groundbreaking platform to provide more streamlined sales and appointments made between sales representatives and physicians and patients today.

The couple, Jamie and Jilea Hemmings, who has been married for 12 years, have partnered with physician/administrator team, Dr. Aniso and Alexander, to create Best Tyme, an app created to make meetings between physicians and medical sales reps a lot easier. The app is designed to”reduce friction in the clinic for all parties,” by allowing office staff to schedule available appointment times and to coordinate pharmaceutical visits, all the while reducing clinic staff time by up to 10 hours per week.

“We are thrilled to launch Best Tyme to the market,” said Jilea, Best Tyme’s CEO and Co-founder. “Our Feb 1 launch is going to revolutionize how doctors and medical sales representatives schedule appointments and at the same time show the potential of black innovators in the space.”

Jamie and Jilea began working on the project in October 2017, alongside Dr. Aniso and Alexander. The app was created to, “reducing friction in the clinic for all parties.”

Possessing a combined 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, their goal was to create technology that would, “enhance effective communication of critical advances between two rapidly-advancing disciplines with a high-impact on patient care.”

“After being in the industry for 10+ years, I realized that the appointment setting process between the rep and the doctor could be done better.” said  Jilea, “Every day calling offices and asking for best times, followed up by coordinating breakfast/lunch orders took a lot of time that could be spent visiting doctor who were actually available and growing sales. Also, after driving to doctors offices sometimes 45-60 minutes to only have the staff say the doctor does not see reps is quite frustrating. From the physician perspective, feeling obligated to see reps even if it is not a good day and in turn, the rep gets insufficient time if at all because they are backed up with patients. We knew this process could be streamlined into a scheduler solution that would ensure both sides could operate with better efficiency in real-time.”

“Best Tyme has saved our practice hours a week in scheduling rep visits.” said Alexander,  “While we loved interacting and learning from the sales representatives before Best Tyme, the planning took far too long.”

The app is scheduled to launch on Feb 1st.


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