Music has the power to change our mood and inspire positive energy. Among the options in our music libraries, we should all have that one playlist that makes us feel good.

The ballads, powerhouses and groove machines give us encouragement and reminder us that females are powerful. These bops with strong messages and empowering melodies are songs that become our anthems.

In honor of Women’s History Month, here are 10 songs that all women can add to their playlist to simply celebrate us.

1. Chris Brown ft. Drake-“No Guidance”

This is the perfect summer vibe for a day off just riding with the windows down. You work hard, look good and you got it; don’t trip!



2. Chaka Khan- “I’m Every Woman”

There’s nothing like the original. Chaka encourages us to be anyone and do whatever we want. Women are invincible and the magic in us makes it that easy!

3. Solange- “Don’t Touch My Hair”

A women’s crown doesn’t define her, but rather exemplify her power! Her hair, her look, her style belong to only her and no one can take credit for it.


4. India Arie- “Video”

Women come in all shapes and sizes and the media shouldn’t define that beauty! No one is perfect nor should you compare yourself to anyone else because the freedom of just being yourself is your superpower.

5. Beyonce- “Me, Myself and I”

If you don’t have your own back, who will? Self-love is the best love and you shouldn’t rely on any man to validate your worth!


6. Destiny’s Child- “Independent Woman”

For girls with the independent mentality and G personality! This girl group unites all the women who got it all on their own, steps to the beat of her own drum and hustles for herself.

7. Cardi B- “Bodak Yellow”

You’re definitely not one to mess with and not afraid to clap back! As the saying goes, “If you have haters, that means you’re doing something right.”


8. Beyonce- “Don’t Hurt Yourself”

Sometimes you have to remind them of who you are and that’s an easy fix! You’re far from average so make them never forget it.


9. Drake- “Nice For What”

This is one of my personal favorites that explains all the goodness that comes with being women! We are the backbone of every operation and Drake delivers an appreciation anthem for all women around the world.



10. Alicia Keys- “Girl on Fire”

Our force and strength is the fire that fuels our brilliance. Every space we walk in, lights up and everything we touch turns to gold! We can’t be held down, and that’s on period.


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