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One of our sisters was pregnant was down right terrorized and forced against her will to take a shot while in labor. The unidentified woman appeared to go on Facebook live to record her incident with the police and nurses involved. This incident occurred at Akron General Hospital in Ohio.

In the video, the victim repeatedly refused to take the shot because she desired a natural pregnancy. The nurses, doctors, and police repeatedly terrorized the patient with threats of taking her to the Psych Ward  if she refused the shot while in labor. The victim requested to talk to the doctor in charge, Dr. Shaw, to understand why the order for her to take the shot or go the Psych ward had to occur. No doctor came to discuss the matter with her during the course of the 5 minute video.

The 2 police officers can be heard repeatedly trying to coerce the patient into taking the shot. One claimed that she had been “pink slipped,” to the psych ward which she intelligently denied because that wasn’t her doctor. The police then threatened the patient by saying “You can take it like an adult or we are going to hold you down and give it to you.” The patient requested to wait until her mother arrived and the officer refused. The patient made it clear she did not want to be touched. She told the officer “I feel like your trying to rape me… I’m uncomfortable… I’m pregnant and your stressing me out.” No plea for help was heard.

The patient even revealed that her Grandmother died the day before and you can hear the nurse coercing her to take the shot by saying “this medicine is going to help you.” Although, The woman repeatedly asked the doctors and nurses not to touch her. The white male nurse proceeded to administer the shot against the patients will who declared that she would sue.

@BrotherBenX shared this story on Instagram yesterday 12/11/2019, which went viral with 54K views. Brother Ben X did alert the public with an update that the victim is fine and had a healthy baby. Thank goodness!

Unless a patient is in danger of hurting herself or others, force should never be allowed! Not by doctors, not by police, and not by nurses. Every human being has the right to control what goes on in their own body. According to Harvard Health Publishing; Patient autonomy is he right of patients to make decisions about their medical care without their health care provider trying to influence the decision. Patient autonomy does allow for health care providers to educate the patient but does not allow the health care provider to make the decision for the patient. 

The patient has the right to educate themselves and decide if the medical treatment is beneficial for them.

Why was this woman plea for a natural birth and refusal to take a shot denied? Maybe because she is of African descent. You see in this country called America there is a history of Black woman and men being experimented on against their will or consent. Americans have been terrorizing African Americans since they were forced to work for this country even medically.

For instance, Dr. James M. Sims, is the so-called “father of modern gynecology” who conducted experiments on enslaved Black women to perfect his surgical techniques surgical tools and related to women’s reproductive health. revealed that he operated on an “18-year old Lucy, who had given birth a few months prior and hadn’t been able to control her bladder since. During the procedure, patients were completely naked and asked to perch on their knees and bend forward onto their elbows so their heads rested on their hands. Lucy endured an hour-long surgery, screaming and crying out in pain, as nearly a dozen other doctors watched. As Sims later wrote, “Lucy’s agony was extreme.” She became extremely ill due to his controversial use of a sponge to drain the urine away from the bladder, which led her to contract blood poisoning. “I thought she was going to die…it took Lucy two or three months to recover entirely from the effects of the operation,” he wrote.” After he was able to perfect the procedure he tried it on white women using anesthesia.

Black folks have trusted white doctors in white coats, only to be experimented on and left to endure a torturous existence with diseases like Syphilis. Take the The Tuskegee Airmen for example, who were experimented on for 40 years and infected with Syphilis by the hands of doctors working for the U.S. Public Health Service. These veterans misled under the guise that they were getting free health care and medicine. If you can’t trust your doctor with your health, who can you trust?

It’s sad that in the year 2019 African American still have to fight for basic human rights like patient autonomy. Rizza Islam has provided the community with some valuable information in regards to the dangerous adverse affects of vaccines. Watch the video below, do your own research, and equip yourself with knowledge so you won’t be misled one day.

We will update this story once we have more information!

Have you ever been put in an uncomfortable situation by health officials?

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