Did you hear?

Haven’t we all heard?

Isn’t it uneventful hearing current events

Isn’t the best kept secret
To not
Align yourself with hate?

And still the trump card is pulled
And we ask

Asked why
The United States should take in migrants from “shithole countries,” including Haiti and African nations

Isn’t it easier to entertain than to fully ignore and turn a blind eye too?
These are realities of politics

The views and trending topics have taken the place of
Humanities needs

The trump card has been revealed

The trump card seems to be a necessary evil

The volcano must erupt to form new land

International unrest

The tectonic plates are shifting from underneath us

The manipulation of the media which captures and broadcasts
Fear Death and separation
Seems to lead to new comradery

And so do words
And so do kind acts of
Kindness and compassionate empathy

So does perfectly timing
The reveal of who you truly are

It is bazar how we come clean in the strangest ways

So it’s hard to understand how one man
Could break wind
Audibly so much

How one man’s words
Could cause so much separation
With no real action?

Fear itself
So how are we to stand up against
The trump card?

It is unprecedented
How much people refer to themselves as stupid for
Falling for the trump card

Voting the trump card into existence

Now we deal with the realism of
Being present
We know now
How accessible the oppressed card is

So convenient to throw this card on the table
When it’s too late

Some hold their cards and remain symbolic of what it means to be methodical
Worried and politically correct

Targeted hatred
Forcibly made to accept ideologies
The era of the sexual deviant

Feeling how we are all distantly connected for all the wrong reasons
Hate put on a pedestal and love given
As a default mercy card

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