As stay-at-home orders let up, communities are slowly reopening. We are all trying to get accustomed to the new normal. Life in 2020 now includes wearing masks to go grocery shopping
and still not being able to hug our friends. Because the pandemic doesn’t seem to be letting up, most people are still opting to spend as much time at home as possible as a precaution. The quarantine really did a number on all of us, even if we tried to preserve with some semblance of a routine.

If you have been finding it difficult to stay motivated during quarantine – you are not alone.  Most of us have barely been able to fulfil our basic responsibilities, let alone work out regularly, or maintain a healthy diet. It might be time for a change, though. Unfortunately, the coronavirus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. So, it’s high time you made important adjustments to your home life. It has never been more important to preserve and boost your immune system, and these tips for staying fit while at home will help you achieve just that.

Tip #1: Home Gym
Remember going to the gym regularly? Those were the days, right? While you still might miss
the socializing aspect of going, there really is nothing stopping you from getting a good workout in while stuck at home. If you have some equipment like weights or a kettlebell, great! Even if
you don’t, you will be able to use your body weight instead of a piece of equipment. Lunges,
squats, sit-ups or planks – all of these will make use of your body weight and provide you with a
great workout.

If a kettlebell is your first choice, however, you can easily get different-sized kettlebells online.
They are of great help when you want an effective and time-efficient workout. You will probably
be struggling with motivation. Knowing that you can get a good workout in and have it not last
long could be the very thing that gets you off the couch.

Tip #2: Yoga and pilates
One of the ways of staying fit while at home without exerting yourself too much is practising
yoga or pilates. Even if you are a complete novice, there are plenty of beginners’ courses online that will ease you into these beneficial workouts. As you probably know, there are different types of yoga. You can try a couple to find one that you will enjoy. You can even alternate between your favorites to provide yourself with some variety. In addition to being a great workout, these two have the added benefit of calming you. Working on your inner wellbeing is equally important as staying physically fit, especially in these stressful times.

If all of this is just too much for you right now, one thing that can slowly ease you into regular workouts is stretching. Morning stretches are always beneficial. However, if you’re working
from home and find yourself moving from the couch to the chair to the couch again, you may
want to take 10 minutes from time to time to relieve your neck and back. Doing something as
simple as V-sits or hurdlers will make all the difference. Once you get a feel for the relief these
easy exercises provide you, you may feel more motivated to get into something a bit more

Tip #3: Dancing
Dancing to your favorite songs regularly is one of the funniest ways of staying fit while at home.
Do it long enough and you’ll get your blood flowing. You’ll get a vigorous workout without
having to mentally prepare yourself for the effort of it. The more you do it, the better you’ll feel.
You can even add an additional layer of fun by having your friends join your dance party online.
Besides being beneficial to you all physically, it will also feel good to see each other. You will
be able to do something that will remind you of all the fun times you were used to having

Tip #4: Plan your meals

Say you picked your preferred way of staying active at this time. Getting your diet in check is
another important piece of that puzzle. If you’ve been spending your time between your work
computer and your Netflix queue so far, chances are eating healthily wasn’t high on your list of
priorities. Besides providing us with energy, food also has a great psychological impact on us.
This is why no one is saying forgo comfort food completely. It might not be the healthiest, but it
makes you feel good. Simply put a little more thought into your diet. If you do, you will be well
on your way to staying fit while at home.

The first thing you should do is ensure you have meals at regular intervals. Besides being good
for your body, having a semblance of a routine will be beneficial for your mind as well.
Furthermore, it will keep you from overeating a couple of times a day. In addition to this, try to
be mindful when shopping for groceries. If you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from
snacking throughout the day, try to at least provide yourself with slightly healthier options.
Getting lots of fruit and nuts for this purpose will keep you fit. Not only that but it will also boost
your immune system.

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