New York City Mayor  Bill de Blasio announced his bid for the presidency with the theme of “working people first” Thursday, joining a crowded field of Democrats for the nomination.

“Today I am proud to announce my candidacy for president of the United States of America, because it’s time to finally put working people first,” he captioned the video.


In the video announcement, de Blasio took direct aim at President Donald Trump and labeled him a bully and con man.

“Every New Yorker knows, he’s a con artist,” de Blasio said. “We know his tricks, we know his playbook.”

The mayor touted New York’s successful policies such as Pre-K and $15 minimum wage.

“I know we can do it,” he said, “because I’ve done it here in the largest, toughest city in this country.”

It did not take long for Trump to welcome the two time mayor into the presidential race. He mocked de Blasio as “considered the worst mayor in the U.S.” and declared that New York hated him. The rebuke was quickly responded to by de Blasio who highlighted the successes under his administration.

“NYC has record low crime & record high jobs.  We’re investing in working families with free Pre-K & guaranteed health care. #ConDon taking advantage of working families is no joke. Go to  to join our campaign. As President, I’ll put working people first,” he tweeted.



Mayor de Blasio appeared on Good Morning America Thursday with his wife Chirlane McCray and responded to critics of his presidential run. He is now the 23rd declared candidate with many expressing unease that elected officials are now running vanity campaigns. A poll of New Yorkers recently found 76% of them did not think he should run. Protesters were outside the ABC studio and chanted “liar” and blew whistles as he prepared to speak. Some even held signs that read “failed mayor”.


“It means we’re doing something important here in New York City, if all these people who support President Trump are opposing what we’re doing. We must be doing something right,” de Blasio told ABC Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

The mayor insisted that he was uniquely qualified to take on Trump.

“Donald Trump is playing a big con on America, I call him ‘Con Don’ every New Yorker knows we know his tricks, we know his playbook. I know how to take him on,” he told ABC Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

His first campaign stop will be Gowrie, Iowa, with his wife Friday. 


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