Get ready ladies and gents! Hot girl summer is just around the corner. Depending on when you read this, you could be getting ready to soak up the sun or preparing for the season. Wherever and whenever you are reading this, you can always lean on this Spotify playlist to get you in the warm vacation mood.

Invented by the OG hot girl herself, Megan Thee Stallion, hot girl summer is a season dedicated to women living their best independent and free lives. It is a myth that you have to be single to enjoy yourself.  You can easily have a liberated self-love experience while being boo’d up, but make sure to hang with your homegirls every once in a while. The majority of festivities include stunting on others in fly fits and hitting up the beach or pool whenever you get the chance. These next 10 out of 15 songs are made by hot girls for hot girls and set the vibe to have a good midsummer time.


Hot Girl Summer

To start us off, it is the song that started it all. Hot Girl Summer by Meghan Thee Stallion featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign has become a seasonal classic about the type of woman who is too hot to handle. The lyric, “Handle me? Who gone handle me?” actually became a popular reference amongst young listeners when it came out. Nicki drops a verse about getting to the bag, being educated and overall being the kind of girl that other women love to imitate. In the end, this song will make you feel like the life of the party.



Mulatto emulates a woman on top who is proud of her sexuality and knows her worth. She credits her mother for giving her seductive qualities and asserts dominance over the male species anytime she refers to intercourse. In the song, she mentions that it took a couple million for her to sign a deal, and she seemed to give appreciation to the rappers that have collabed with her including Gucci Mane who is featured on this track. Gucci was great, but it was clear that Mulatto carried this song. This song will make you feel ready to strut any hall with great confidence. Get ready to hear the cracking of people’s necks when they rush to get a second look at your beauty.


Act Up

One of the many songs that put the City Girls on the map. The lyrics, “Act Up, you can get snatched up.” can be applied to both a person that is about to get beat down or another woman who is about to get her man stolen. The girls compare themselves as real women compared to fake, basic and other tired women. Putting down others to make yourself feel better should never be the solution, however, this beat does go hard. This song will make you feel like nobody else in the room can touch you.



Money over men is the moral of this Cardi B bop. Being the most successful version of yourself is an integral part to having a proper hot girl summer. In one verse, Cardi lists out things she needs money for including a jet for travel and finances for her baby. Although money does not fix all problems, it sure would make a lot of things easier in life. This song will make you save and work hard so you can afford those hot girl vacations you want to go to.


B*tch From Da Souf (Remix)

This power trio of Mulatto, Saweetie and Trina comes through strongly representing two regions of the country. Mulatto and Trina rep the south while Saweetie shows up and shows out for the westside. The theme of this song is being fine and financed. Once you secure the bag from listening to Cardi B’s money you can now bump this song and flaunt it. This song will make you want to travel to the south and see what makes it so great.



Fall in love with yourself all over again while listening to Lizzo’s tune about the number one person staring back at you in your mirror. This is a perfect song to blast while you’re getting ready for the day. This song will make you feel yourself.


Go Gina

This song is on the playlist merely because SZA had to make an appearance.



Another perfect strut and pose song, Formation gathers Beyonce and her gals to slay all day. Beyonce is known greatly for her music that uplifts, empowers and motivates women. Therefore, it would be a travesty not to have the queen guide us toward what a hot grown woman summer looks like. This song will make you and your friends align in female power and unity.


Good Thing

Having a partner is nice, but Kehlani is here to remind us that we can find happiness in ourselves. You shouldn’t need to depend on others to be content. This song will make you appreciate having alone time.


Boss Bitch

Doja Cat created this jam, for the movie Birds of Prey, which includes Harley Quinn and an array of other badass crime fighters. The title is pretty self-explanatory. This song will make you feel like a boss bitch.


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