Kanye’s story will forever be told because he will make sure you hear it. There is no need to assume anything about Kanye West because he has shown you more than you’ll ever really need to know. He is what will keep hip-hop thriving and the world anxious. Kanye West is more than what we think and much more than we see. He is a philosopher like no other, a hero and, unfortunately, also the villain.

He is made bold by a lack of fear and is proud due to his remarkable ability. Kanye will always be obnoxious. His inability to cope with anything that Mr. West does not agree with will still be laced with an angry tirade and an inarticulate (and sometimes inebriated) rant.

He was never the kid who played well with others. While they played in the sandbox, Kanye built monuments to himself. However, if we study the character of this man, we can see why these things are not flaws, but more like an armor that protects his fragile and often misunderstood ego. What makes a man great isn’t always what we find most endearing and, in the case of Kanye West, it is what we often abhor.

I hope this opinion does not come across as a judgment or praise,  but rather an appreciation of what makes us all entirely human. I do admire Mr. West and can without a doubt recognize his amazing abilities. We need his bravado and his insecurity. We need his genius, and we need his attitude. He is the thin, living and breathing line that separates his genius from his insanity. The pure anarchy marching to a dope beat.

However, I also recognize the idea of what makes a champion: a person who, against all the odds, continues to believe that they can persevere; those who go against the grain even when the popular opinion says otherwise. A champion is someone who speaks for those who cannot, one who demands his voice be heard. The men who face giants with nothing more than faith in their God-given powers are champions and, whether you adore or loathe him, Kanye is a champion. Perhaps when we recognize this, he may realize it, too.

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