Did you see the video where Dababy gave a single mom $1000 out of love?!

DaBaby with Amanda Rose

Dababy empowers single mother, Amanda Rose, with $1000

Well here’s the 411…

Last week, Hip Hop Artist, Dababy used his influence to help out his fans. One of his fans, Amanda Rose, waited 3 hours with her son on her hip just to meet the famous rapper. Amanda, is a young entrepreneur and single-mother living in her car in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to The New York Post, Dababy went to Atlanta last week to host a Pop-up shop at Lenox Mall. Of course Dababy went there to get fresh and look fly, but he also made a point to be there for his people. He hosted a meet and greet at the mall for his fans in the neighborhood. Amanda had her own plans. She didn’t wait in line for 3 hours just to take pictures with the famous rapper, she planned on meeting DaBaby to talk business! Amanda made it her mission to sell her handcrafted hats to Dababy. Despite her tough circumstances she rises everyday to provide for her and her son. Amanda heard Dababy was coming to town and waited over 3 hours outside of Lenox Mall with her son in hand to see Dababy.

In the video, Amanda couldn’t help but tear-up with all that she’s been through. She says “it took a lot for me to come here” when she first meets Dababy. Touched by her story Dababy took her to the cash register and handed her $1000 for her hats. He told her to keep the other two hats so she could sell it to somebody else. Amanda breaks down in tears with her beautiful Baby boy on her hip when she received the $1000.

According to TMZ, Amanda struggled to make a profit because she was only able to sell 3-4 hats a month.Through the tears, you can hear Amanda say “Yo, I’m so f****d-up like… This is my son. We sleeping wild bro. Thank you so much!” Since the post Amanda has had 4,000 incoming orders for her handcrafted hats.

“God is Good” is the closing caption on the video, and yes Dababy we definitely agree! Thank you for using your platform to spread some positive energy in our community.

Dababy’s IGTV post gained 1.7 million views and 36K comments on his Instagram alone! DaBaby’s latest album “Kirk,” debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200.
Keep shining Dababy!

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No recognition needed.

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