Apple is facing some problems with its latest software, following reports that users could eavesdrop on each other using FaceTime.

The FaceTime bug went viral after a video surfaced on Twitter and Snapchat showing steps on how to trigger the glitch. The bug only seems to affect phones that have the latest version of iOS.

In a test conducted by 9 to 5 Mac, they found that when someone calls using FaceTime, they can hear the audio from the other person’s phone. Regardless of whether the person picked up or declined the call.

BuzzFeed News also conducted a similar test and found that front-facing cameras are accessible with this bug. They also found that when the “Do Not Disturb” function was turned on, the caller could not access the other person’s microphone.

Apple has said that they will be releasing a software update latere this week that will fix the issue. . For iPhone users concerned about their privacy, it is recommended that you disable your FaceTime until the software update is released.

According to BuzzFeed News, this glitch comes on the heels of a recent FaceTime bug that allowed hackers to begin a FaceTime call from an iPhone.

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