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Gone are the days where skinny brows are a thing. A full set of brows are more in trend. Your eyebrows frame your face to compliment your look. How you groom your eyebrows are key to how natural it looks and makes the “no-makeup” makeup so much easier.

Getting your eyebrows waxed seem to be best but it is actually the contrary. Waxing is unsanitary and aggravates your skin which is already sensitive in that area. The wax specialist reuses the same strip to achieve a groomed brow. Waxing may often time leave your eyebrows uneven and skinnier than necessary. Also, because waxing only breaks off the hairs, instead of pulling them all the way out, the growing process happens more quickly and you’re constantly returning for more.

If you’re allegoric to wax used in nail salons or spas or are looking to achieve the full brow look, it’s best to get your eyebrows threaded instead. Threading ensures a more hygienic approach a new part of the string is being used. Your extra hairs are being pulled out of the skin, so it lasts much longer. A threading usually lasts up to three to four months at a time. It elongates your brows as well to appear more natural and fuller.

Threading cost no more than $7 and can be found all over. Most places offer other services such as eyelash extensions, henna, or facials. The pain level becomes more tolerable as you do it more often. Most technicians will go less harsh if you explain it’s your first time.

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