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Quality sunglasses are hard to come by especially when high prices are attached to them. Sunglasses are great accessories that not only protect your eyes when it’s hot out. They take any outfit, no matter how basic up a notch. Frames and lenses have received an update and have made on trend sunglasses an essential.

90’s, small frame sunglasses have made a come-back. Small frames can be used for a polished outfit to give it edge or could be used as the right accessory to complete your laid-back outfit. Colored lenses add the right playful touch, so people know you don’t take yourself too seriously. Sybergurl, a trendy girl empowerment site has a pair of classic small frame glasses for only $12.00!

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Aviator sunglasses are classics when it comes to the sunglass industry. Whether the lens is colored or has a classic fade these updated sunglasses will become a new favorite of yours quickly. When your outfit feels basic you’ll have the right additional by your side. Australian sunglasses brand QuayAustralia have partnered with Youtube star Desi Perkins;to change the way we wear aviator sunglasses with a variety of colors and sizes with their High Key aviators. High Key sunglasses in both the mini and regular size are $65.00.


Cat eye sunglasses are great lift to a girl’s outfit. Whether it’s a dress or simple tied t-shirt paired with jeans. Feline print sunglasses toughen up any floral print. A straight frame, regardless of the print to your clothing also adds edge and a nice confidence boost to your every day outfits. Prive Revaux want to give you quality sunglasses that won’t break your pockets all of their glasses are $29.95!


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