With much of the world on a COVID-19 inspired quarantine and kids staying home more than usual, one counselor hopes to help black parents navigate challenges.

Aerica Karriem, a Family Mediator and Relationship Coach expert, has launched Black Online Therapy, to help black families maintain their mental health in less than ideal circumstances. Even if they’re under quarantine, 

Karriem is making sure families can access the support of counselors from home. 

“Our main focus is to provide a confidential, convenient and affordable way to help prevent the onset or worsening of mental breakdowns or mental health conditions,” Karriem said in a statement. “We provide social emotional learning and effective communication techniques to help repair and restore families all over the world.”

Well before COVID-19 led to global quarantines, Karriem spent much of her time working at home as a stay at home mom for 14 years. As a mother of seven, she knows the importance of parents having healthy communication with their children.

“We must understand our children are constantly mimicking us,” she said. “So, when we begin to dishonor and devalue ourselves and we continue to communicate with such harsh mannerisms, they know nothing else but what they see.”

After becoming involved in her community, she was certified as a certified family mediator and relationship coach.

The counselor knows what it feels like to be broken and wants to make sure that she helps other people work through healing even if they are not able to go to a counselor’s office. If parents are able to heal in their homes, they are less likely to hurt their children emotionally. 

“I know hurt people hurt people,” she said. “We don’t want anymore people in the world hurting, so we are committed to go the distance to ensure that we focus on healing deep rooted hurts and pains in our communities.”

Aside from parents, Black Online Therapy services are available for married couples, teenagers and everyday people looking for personal growth. The website explains how important it is for black people to have specialized therapy services. 

“You must understand the ways of the media, the television, radio, movies or the news outlets has portrayed black and brown people as heathens and animals, however that is not our nature but it is our environments we have adapted to. We have a chance to break our dysfunctional generational curses that has been passed down from generation,” the website states. “Rather it’s our coping and numbing addiction with alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, shopping and yes silently suffering is an addiction also. Addiction to the shame, guilt, avoidance, jealousy or anger whatever you are going through our professional life coaches and counselors with over 2000 hands on work hours has either seen it, been through it or heard about it.”

For more information, visit http://blackonlinetherapy.com/

(Photo: Dazzle Jam/ Pexels)

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